The Cavs have almost done something

But there’s a good chance it won’t happen (but it might!!):

Forward Matt Barnes intended to turn down a multi-year offer from the Cavs on Monday and agreed in principle to a deal with the Toronto Raptors, sources said. ESPN reported the deal was worth two years and $10 million. According to a league source, the Raptors’ offer was significantly higher than what the Cavs offered.

However, the deal would require a sign-and-trade with Barnes’ old team, the Orlando Magic. The mechanics of that deal weren’t finished Monday night. There is a possibility it could fall through and Barnes could reconsider the Cavs’ offer.

Awesome! The Cavs are in the hunt for Matt Barnes! But probably won’t get him. This is after they lost out on Brad Miller because they didn’t want to give him $15 million over three years and had the Rockets match Kyle Lowry’s contract offer.
I dunno, I’m both annoyed that the Cavs are pursuing these decidedly mediocre players (though Barnes would be nice for a running team) and frustrated that they keep losing out on these same mediocre players.
However, I’m glad Chris Grant is following in Danny Ferry’s footsteps in some aspects, as Windhorst explains:
The major reason the Cavs aren’t able to complete deals at the moment is they are unwilling to outbid other teams. After losing LeBron James, the team likely will have to pay a premium to get mid-level free agents such as Miller and Barnes.
Good. The only thing worse than signing Brad Miller or Matt Barnes is paying for the privilege. The last thing the Cavs want to do is be an expensive, mediocre team. If they want to rebuild, go right ahead. If they want to field a scrappy team and attempt to make the playoffs (to face the Heat….), by all means, go that route. But if you’re going for that scrappy team, you can’t be giving large contracts to over-the-hill centers or role player swingmen.
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2 Responses to The Cavs have almost done something

  1. Erik says:

    Richard Jefferson is the only worthwhile target really left in free agency. I'd think he'd fit the Cavs well, at least short-term. Apparently, there is some interest in the Cavs on Jefferson's part because Byron Scott is here.The question is, can they get Jefferson without offering him a five-year deal at age 30?The fact that guys like Barnes are going off the board before Jefferson is encouraging for the Cavs. It means he's not finding the money and years he wants. The Cavs might be able to wait Jefferson out and get him cheaper a bit later in the summer.I do still like Jefferson as a scorer. His PPG fell to 12 last year, which is why he begged out of San Antonio, where he was the fourth scorer.He was still up around 19 PPG the season before last in Milwaukee. If you make him the first or second option, he can probably still score 18-20 PPG. For a three-year deal, Jefferson might be a worthwhile investment.

  2. davemanddd says:

    i concur, erik. i still say the cavs weakest link is shooting guard anthony parker. i would much rather see a scorer like jefferson in that spot. we can only hope. go cavs!!!

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