So the Cavs had two future NBA GMs under Ferry?

The Phoenix Suns hired Lance Banks to be their GM:

Despite the fallout over the past month, the Cavaliers’ front office must have done at least a few things right over the past five years. Because teams keep hiring their executives away.

The latest was Cavs assistant general manager Lance Blanks, who was hired as the Phoenix Suns’ general manager on Thursday. Blanks, who arrived with former GM Danny Ferry from the San Antonio Spurs in 2005, is the second executive to be hired away in the past week.

Team legal counsel and salary-cap specialist Mike Winger was hired by the Oklahoma City Thunder for a higher-level management position last week. Ferry, who resigned in June, interviewed for the Portland Trail Blazers and New Jersey Nets general manager jobs after leaving the Cavs.

The Cavs front office has taken a lot of heat these past few weeks for what they didn’t do for LeBron James. Criticism include (but not limited to): not surrounding LeBron with young talent, not trading Wally Szczerbiak’s expiring contract at the deadline two years ago, and being too short sighted with some of their moves. (I’ve addressed these in the past here, here and here, respectively).

I get all that. Sorta. However, I can’t get past the fact that the Cavs were coming off two 60 win seasons. I know LeBron is great and that he was the focus but I don’t recall many other one-man 60 win squads. They built two 60 win squads while their star player was playing footsie with every team in the league (while basically holding a gun their head).

Now members of the front office are getting hired elsewhere. That means they had to have done something right, no?

As for Lance Banks, I don’t really have an opinion of the guy. How would I know what he’s worked on these past few years? Same goes for Mike Winger. I guess it’s a good sign that Dan Gilbert is hiring people who other teams value but that’s really all I got.

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2 Responses to So the Cavs had two future NBA GMs under Ferry?

  1. davemanddd says:

    what can you say??? the good ship cavalier is like the titanic after hitting an iceberg and everybody is abandoning ship now. too bad none of them have the honor and sense of duty that captain e.j. smith had who went down with the ship.

  2. Ben says:

    I don't blame these guys for taking jobs elsewhere. Even if they stay with the Cavaliers, it's still going to be a big change (no LeBron, no Mike Brown, no Ferry). I don't blame Banks for taking the Suns GM job (though that's a pretty rough spot. Their owner is a bit more, um, thrifty compare to Dan Gilbert)

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