I like pictures

These color photos of Europe from 1906 absolutely fascinate me (this is from Austria).

1906 seems like ages ago, but it really isn’t all that long off. I remember reading an article about Bob Feller (which I cannot find for the life of me) which said that his first roommate upon coming to Cleveland was a veteran… of the Civil War. I have an autograph from a guy who knew a guy who fought in the Civil War. Weird.

Also, after last week’s solar storm, I was hoping to see some sweet Northern Lights pics and I was not disappointed. These are awesome.

I’ve always wanted to see the aurora borealis in person but it’s never really worked out (though, to be fair, I’ve never tried all that hard). The pictures alone look awe inspiring, I’d can’t imagine witnessing them live would be like. Whenever I see pics of the Northern Lights, I can’t help but imagine what seeing these colors would’ve meant to people 100 (or 1,000 or 10,000) years ago.

NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day
is always worth a visit. Great pics plus good explanations of what the hell you’re looking at.

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2 Responses to I like pictures

  1. LargeBill says:

    Feller may have had an elderly (in baseball terms) roommate who served in WWI, but there is no way he had a roommate who served in the Civil War. He was a rookie 71 years after that war ended. Say someone joined the Union or Rebel forces at the end of the war at 15 years old they would have been 86 years old. Even Jamie Moyer will be retired long before reaching his 80's. Maybe his roommate's father served in the Civil War or something like that is the source of this story. Heck, I doubt even Nap Lajoie played with any Civil War vets.On a similar track, John Tyler, the 10th president(1841-45), oddly enough actually has a couple grand-children still living. Not great grandchildren or great, great, great, grandkids. Basically, he had 14 kids with the last one being born when he was around 70 and that kid had kids late in life who are still kicking. Amazing to consider a guy born in 1790 has grandkids alive in the 21st century.

  2. Ben says:

    sorry, I didn't mean that Feller had a baseball roommate, just a roommate at some cheap complex or something.

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