If this happens, I’ll lose what little faith I have left

Really guys? The Browns might cut their third round pick?

former University of Texas standout Colt McCoy might need to prove himself in the Browns’ final two preseason games to make their roster.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, McCoy, a third-round pick in April, is among one of eight players “on the bubble” for Eric Mangini’s team. That includes fellow QB Brett Ratliff, and two young running backs, James Davis and Chris Jennings.

This is dumb.  I can’t imagine the Browns cutting McCoy. I know Ratliff is a Mangini guy but still.  You don’t cut third round draft picks before they’ve even played a down in a meaningful NFL contest.
Wasn’t the plan to have McCoy hold a clipboard all year anyways? The kid has some talent, no? Is it really that big of deal to carry four quarterbacks on the roster? I mean, with the way the new Browns have gone, they’re usually picking guys up off the street for the final couple of games anyways.
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1 Response to If this happens, I’ll lose what little faith I have left

  1. Erik says:

    Mary Kay Cabot reported Thursday that, barring some unforeseen calamity, McCoy will make the 53-man roster.The only reason a high draft pick would be released before the season even starts is A) he has a crappy attitude/work ethic that is infecting the players around him or B) he held up a gas station. McCoy's not a criminal, and it seems like he's working hard. Maybe this stuff is getting leaked by the Browns to make extra sure that there is a fire lit under McCoy's ass. But I don't think there is a serious chance he'll be cut loose before opening day.If he is, Eric Mangini and Tom Heckert are Butch Davis and Pete Garcia in disguise.

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