I concur with Coach Scott and the cranky old guy

Terry Pluto:

Joe Tait recently had a long meeting with Scott. The broadcaster said: “I really liked him. The minute he referred to the stuff at the arena away from the game as ‘all that crap,’ I yelled, ‘You are my man!’ He has a sense of humor, but you can see that he’s all business. He’s what the team needs at this point.”

I’ve written about this before, but I don’t particularly care for all of the in arena entertainment stuff (though I’m fully aware it’s not for me. I’m a hardcore fan).  I hope Scott can convince Gilbert to tone it down just a tad (fire breathing scoreboard!!!) but I worry that without LeBron, we could see an increase of that stuff. 

I dunno, I’ve felt that if you put out the best basketball team you can, people are going to show up to games.  And if you keep them interested in basketball (as opposed to all the extra crap) maybe they’ll become a fan of the game of basketball and keep coming back.  But I’m a huge NBA fan (courtside seats for Cavs-Spurs preseason game in Pittsburgh! Whooo!), so they don’t really need to worry about me, I already like their product. .

The rest of Pluto’s column is full of his usual goodness, per usual. 
(On an unrelated note, apparently Browns’ rookie Joe Haden was at the Caddyshack lounge last night while my friends and I were playing.  I didn’t see him.  They must’ve been zooming back from Detroit, eh?). 
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4 Responses to I concur with Coach Scott and the cranky old guy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sports are, generally speaking, a glorification of conflict and hindering the potential evolution of us at the individual and collective level.

  2. LargeBill says:

    The distracting/non-sports entertainment seems to be inversely related to the quality of the team. Minor league baseball teams do lots of silly crap to draw fans because a AA team can't fill the seats with on-field performance. When a major league or NBA team does too much of that crap it makes you wonder whether they feel their primary product isn't good enough to draw customers.

  3. Erik says:

    Anonymous: But isn't competition responsible for evolution? Without competition, nothing is ever improved upon and nobody ever strives to get better. Without competition/conflict, civilization would stagnate.Sports is a symptom of the human condition, not a cause.

  4. Anonymous says:

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