Missed both of em

Due to work, I missed both the Ohio State-Miami game and the Browns season opener against Tampa Bay.  Though to be fair, I did see the 4th quarter of the OSU, so I didn’t miss the whole thing.

My main thing I take away from both these games is how annoyed I am with the fans of these teams.  The Buckeyes won fairly easily but my Twitter feed was full of people calling Pryor overrated and bitching about Tressel-ball.  During the Browns game, people were freaking out about Mangini and some were even calling for Seneca Wallace.  Awesome, only took about a half.

I mean, all Jim Tressel does is win a crap load of games. Sure, he can be conservative at times but the dude wins.  Period.  Pryor is kinda difficult, because he looks so good at times (like his 2-play, 80 yard drive) but then he’ll botch some short out pass (he throws too hard, kinda like Derek Anderson).  Sometimes I feel as if OSU are pissed that Pryor isn’t better than he is.  

And the Browns… I like what Terry Pluto had to say:

They have a new quarterback in Jake Delhomme who is desperately seeking a fresh start and a revival of his confidence. They are a team with limited talent, a team that must win with shrewd coaching schemes, smart players and an approach to the game that avoids big mistakes.

Exactly.  The Browns best players are their kicker and their return man.  They can’t afford fumbles inside the red zone or throwing picks at the end of halves.  I’m always pessimistic about the Browns but I think they should be better this season, but as Josh Cribbs tweeted:  

 today it was browns vs browns, & the browns lost… 

The Browns have the talent to beat other teams, they just can’t lose their mental focus and beat themselves. 

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