LeBron’s Special on ESPN hurt LeBron’s popularity, reports ESPN

I for one am shocked, shocked, I say!

The Q Scores Co., which conducts popularity polls, has James rated as the sixth-most-disliked figure in American pro sports. The results, known as “Q Scores,” were reported Tuesday by CNBC.

According to the report, James is viewed in what the company considers a negative light by 39 percent of the general population. In January, while still a Cleveland Cavalier, he was viewed positively by 24 percent of the population, negatively by 22 percent, according to the figures from The Q Scores Co.

“LeBron’s positive score at that time [January] was the highest we had ever seen it,” Henry Schafer, executive vice president of Q Scores, told CNBC.

The company’s current tally puts James’ drop in positive rating in the past seven months at 41.5 percent. Q Scores considers James to be viewed in a positive light by only 14 percent of the people polled.

Who could’ve known that taking a shit on your hometown fans during a nationally televised special would hurt the ‘ole Q Rating?

(And yes, I know LeBron doesn’t feel that Cleveland is his hometown.  But he’s from Northeast Ohio.  Most people in Northeast Ohio root for Cleveland teams. This is dumb).
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