The Cavs resigned Jawad Williams to a one year deal:

The Cleveland native has decided to accept the Cavaliers’ one-year qualifying offer and will sign it this week, agent Kevin Bradbury said. The sides have been in talks for months with Williams hoping to secure a multi-year deal. But the small forward has decided to settle the contract issue in time for training camp, which starts Sept. 28.

The contract is for $1.02 million, but is not fully guaranteed. But that is a position Williams is used to, as he made the team in each of the last two seasons out of camp with nonguaranteed contracts.

Williams had talked with several other teams, including the San Antonio Spurs. But as a restricted free agent he had limited options because the Cavs had matching rights.

“Jawad has stated from day one that his desire is to stay home and be with the Cavs,” Bradbury said in a text to The Plain Dealer. “Jawad did not want to hold out and wants to get to camp and help the team get back to the playoffs. He’s excited to be coming home to Cleveland again.”

Good.  I like how Williams plays there game.  He’s in control and he doesn’t try to force things.  If he’s got someone smaller guarding him, he’ll go down to the block, if he’s got someone slower on him, he’ll take ’em off the dribble.  He’s not spectacular at any one thing, but he plays a complete game. 
Obviously, this isn’t a make or break move, but I like what Jawad brings to the table. 
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