Get Well Soon, Joe

No me gusta:

Longtime Cavaliers radio play-by-play announcer Joe Tait remains hospitalized in Houston with pneumonia.

The team said Tait, who was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame earlier this year, experienced discomfort and chest pains during and after Cleveland’s game at Houston on Sunday night. He was transported to The Methodist Hospital, where he was kept overnight for observation and testing.

The Cavs said Tait is stable, receiving treatment and resting “more comfortably.” He is expected to remain in the hospital for at least one more day.

I’m definitely bummed that this will be Tait’s final season but it’s probably time.  Here’s hoping he gets better, and soon.
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2 Responses to Get Well Soon, Joe

  1. Erik says:

    The LBJ era prolonged Tait's career by a good 5-6 years. He should be doing Mount Union games on Saturdays in the fall, and spending the rest of his time doing retiree stuff.He was set to hang up the mic before Dan Gilbert even bought the team, but was convinced to stick around for the LBJ era.Tait did finally get to call Finals games in '07, but I gather he's not in the best health. He's 74, he's missed games over the past couple of years, and it's apparent that the lifestyle of a PBP man is taking its toll.BTW, is there any doubt now that Fred McLeod is going to be given right of first refusal as Tait's replacement? TV might have surpassed radio as a medium decades ago, but no doubt there is a unique prestige attached to being the radio PBP man for a team. You are truly the "voice" of the team. I'd have to think that's the job McLeod wants.

  2. Ben says:

    ya, LeBron definitely prolonged Tait a few years. Man, I wish he could've called a Finals win.Ya, McLeod is probably the guy who replaces Tait…. not sure how I feel about this. Fred has the chops to do any broadcast he pleases, I just don't care for his homerism.

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