Get Well Soon, Joe

Hopefully Joe will be alright:

Cleveland Cavaliers radio broadcaster Joe Tait will undergo a procedure on his heart and is expected to be out at least until January.

Waiting for Next Year has more:

Undergoing a battery of tests at the Cleveland Clinic, it was determined that the difficulty breathing and discomfort – also common symptoms of aortic stenosis – had a little more to it. Alas, Tain will continue to undergo various procedures to replace a valve and address other heart-related concerns.

There is no timetable for Tait’s return from his current ailment, though he is expected to not return until the New Year at the earliest. The team reports that Joe is in good spirits and remains very appreciative of the support given from fans. In his absence, WTAM (1100 AM) will rely on (usual in-studio correspondent) Mike Snyder with play-by-play as well as Cavalier legend Jim Chones with the color commentary.

Tait, 73, is in his 39th season with the Cavaliers and has a lifetime agreement with the team to be their play-by-play man as long as he wishes. Though he has stated his intentions to retire after the 2010-11 season, here’s hoping that it’s by choice and is not expedited by any health-related issues. The sooner the irreplaceable Tait is back and enjoying a “hot, delicious DiGiorno Pizza,” the better.

It’ll be a shame if Joe’s last year gets cut short. While Mike Snyder is a pro (I think he does a great post game show), no one can replace Tait.

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