Sorry I’ve missed the past couple games. I caught most of Saturday’s game against the Kings on the drive down to Columbus (Mike Snyder and Jim Chones did an excellent job filling in for Joe Tait) and I was reading during yesterday’s loss to the Hawks.

The Cavs need to put together four good quarters if they’re gonna beat a team like the Hawks (or like Kings, I guess).  The Cavs had a brutal first quarter against Atlanta and then had to spend the whole game playing catch-up.  Against the Kings, they had a great first half but then blew a 14 point lead during a debacle of a third period.

With LeBron, the Cavs could overcome a terrible quarter.  But, like the Browns, they’re good enough to beat anyone, but they can’t be spotting them easy points.  If they play well, they can win.  If they have a quarter of brain farts… notsomuch.

That being said, it was nice seeing Mo back in the lineup and J.J. Hickson put up a career high 31 points.  The Cavs were without Antawn Jamison, though I’m not really sure how much he was missed (I am NOT happy with the way he’s played in this young season. With LeBron and Shaq, Jamison could float around and pick his spots.  But on this team, he has to shoulder a lot of the scoring load and he simply hasn’t).

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