Mid Terms

Here’s my quick thought: we threw the Republicans out because they trashed the economy and fucked everything up. We elect Obama but he can only get so much done thanks to Republican obstruction and wishy-washy Democrats. So we decide to put the Republicans one of the Houses, even though they’ve explictly stated they aren’t going to change their stripes (tax cuts! deruglation!) and probably won’t cooperate with Obama (unless cooperation = doing what the Republicans want).

I have little faith that things will be any better in two years, after more obstruction, bullshit investigations (I’m 50-50 if they’ll try to impeach Obama before 2012) and gridlock.  Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the Republicans will act responsible (and this time they really mean it when they say they’ll be fiscally responsible!!!)

I’m somewhat bemused by a bunch of my Republican friends on Facebook who, after two years of bitching about Obama and socialism, are upset that they might face budget cuts at the schools where they work.  Well done.

People are in trouble. Foreclosures, 10% unemployment… and our solutions seems to be cutting medicare, social security and other “entitlement programs”.   Awesome. That’ll sure stop the misery (but onward in Afganistan! Maybe we should also attack Iran!). 

My only solace is that I don’t think that there’s anyone credible the Republican’s can put up against Obama. Plus, in the primary, the Republicans are going to have to run hard to the right (Birtherism, Christianism, etc) but that won’t fly in the general.

And hey, at least Harry Reid won… right? Harry Reid? Whooo?

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