It wasn’t the flash

Braylon Edwards never shuts up:

Former Browns receiver Braylon Edwards, who will come to town Sunday with his 6-2 Jets, got his homecoming party started early this week with the following Tweet on Monday:

“And before I take off and forget, all you Cleveland browns fans, 17 is coming back and you better bring ya [darn] popcorn.”

 Edwards, who was traded to the Jets last season, knows he won’t be warmly received, especially after telling the New York Times earlier this season: “There’s nothing going on in Cleveland. There’s no real estate. There’s no social life, no social networking. All the people who have something going on leave Cleveland. So Cleveland has nothing, and I came in there with a New York-type of essence. So what? That was the attitude I came in with. Like, this is who I am. They didn’t like the flash.”

It was never that Braylon was from Michigan or that he had “the flash” and us dumb Clevelanders don’t like  shiny things. I can’t speak for anyone else (but as a life long Clevelander and an Ohio State grad, I will), but what pissed me off was all that dropping of the football. Us boring Ohioans can live with the attitude if it comes with the on field production (see: the entire LeBron James era), but if you fuck up and still act like an asshole, well ya, there’s gonna be some issues.

I don’t think this is a particularly hard subject to grasp. Not dropping footballs = happy fans (you get millions of dollars to catch a ball for a living. If you fail to catch said ball, well, fuck you). But if Edwards is looking to egg on Browns fans, maybe he isn’t that bright.

Meanwhile, Coach Mangini refuses to name a starter for the Jets game…. sneaky!

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2 Responses to It wasn’t the flash

  1. Erik says:

    I hope Braylon catches at least one TD against the Browns on Sunday. I just want his douchebaggery to be in full bloom. I want him to grab his crotch and and wave it at the crowd. I want him to sprint to the Browns helmet at the 50 and scoot his ass across it like a dog across the carpet. I want him to do the double bird-flip like Bryan Cox did against Buffalo. I want him to make like he's going to give a TD ball to a kid in the first row, but yanks it back at the last second and laughs about it.And afterwards, I want him to go into one of the dead-ass clubs in dead-ass Cleveland with a gun in his waistband and the safety off. And I want him to Plax himself. Just so he can get dead-ass medical care at the dead-ass Cleveland Clinic.

  2. Erik says:

    …in dead-ass Cleveland.

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