Can’t Wait for December 2nd

Not a good sign:

An 8-year-old New York Jets fan was tackled by an adult Browns fan after Sunday’s game, according to a television station in Cleveland.

The boy went to the game at Cleveland Browns Stadium in a Jets jersey with his father, who was born in New York. Much to the chagrin of the local crowd, the Jets rallied for a 26-20 overtime victory. The boy’s mother, identified only as Danielle by ABC affiliate WEWS because she didn’t want to reveal her last name, said the fans in the stadium were great, but things got out of control after the game.

“Calling him a bad word, to my husband and to my son, throwing food at them,” she said, according to WEWS.

When the family reached the parking lot, the situation got uglier.

“As [my husband] was walking, holding my son’s hand, a guy from behind tackled him. A drunken Browns fan tackled him and pulled him out of his dad’s hand. He was on the ground crying,” Danielle said, according to the station.

The boy was left with a scraped and bruised ankle. The mother said her husband didn’t call police, opting instead to quickly get in the car and leave. But the mother wrote a letter to The Plain Dealer in Cleveland detailing what happened.


I’m definitely think there’s a chance that the December 2nd Cavs-Heat game will never get started (assuming Bron-Bron shows up).  If Cleveland fans are tackling 8 year olds (and I’m fully aware that this asshole isn’t representative of our fans, but still) then I’m not sure what’s off limits.  Hell, look at how nastiness thrown Braylon Edwards’s direction.  LeBron is gonna get all of that and much much more.

This is an area that has no jobs, shitty weather and lots and lots (and lots!) of sports heartache. It’s not even the majority of fans I’m worried about. Much like the post-Michigan riots, I worry that the Heat coming to town will be the perfect excuse for knuckleheads to act up.

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2 Responses to Can’t Wait for December 2nd

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'll be at the game Ben. And I assure you, if anything is thrown from my hand it probably would only be a large soda that would entice a player vs. fan brawl in the crowd much like Ron Artest when he played against the Detroit Pistons in The Palace Arena in 2004.Of course I'm kidding. I plan on yelling…. a lot, and drinking even more. I recommend trying to get tickets and going too. It will be an experience to say the least.Nick

  2. Ben says:

    I know. I really want to go. I just don't want to pay out the ass for a ticket.So if any reader out there has got an extra….

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