Quick Cavs – Celtics thoughts

– Possible the Cavs were looking ahead to Thursday? If you can look past a 12-4 team…

– Cavs defense was terrible. No one stopped any penetration, no stood their ground and no one made the Celtics work. Rondo got inside at will (not Mo’s best game, to say the least) and Boston exploited matchups and mismatches inside (note: Big Baby vs Jamison is a terrible matchup for the Cavs).

– I like that Mo is being aggressive, but he can’t be forcing things (like trying a thread the needle bounce pass between the entire Boston defense).

– The Celtics are good.  They have a lot of guys who do a lot of different things well. They’re filled with guys with unique builds (KG, Shaq, Rondo, Nate Robinson, Big Baby) and they can be both conventional and unconventional.

– J.J. had no room to operate inside but he seemed more than willing to settle for that jumper.

– Cleveland’s small forward position is trash.

– Liked the effort I saw from Varejao.  I still think he’s the Cavs’ best trade asset. Stay healthy!

– The refs were fairly shitty.  Not that they caused the Cavs to lose or anything.  But they certainly made things more difficult (Varejao was getting beat up).

– In the same vein, Boston didn’t win the game because of their moving screens, but Jesus Christ do they get away with a ton moving screens. KG is especially bad.

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2 Responses to Quick Cavs – Celtics thoughts

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought Sessions would be better against Rondo.-WayneEmbrysKids

  2. Ben says:

    Ya… notsomuch.

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