Merry Quitness

Here’s a whole bunch of LeBron vs Cavs articles to help get you through the day.

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Some final thoughts before tonight’s game…

I love the idea of the Cavs Chants and the Laugh at LeBron campaigns, but I have some issues. I feel like this a little too elaborate to actually work.  And while I like the spirit of the chants (and that they used comic sans as their font (.pdf)), I don’t actually care for the chants themselves.

For instance, chanting stuff like “NO-Ring-King” doesn’t make sense to me. Cleveland doesn’t have any rings either. Seems dumb to call him out on this. The “Akr-on Hates You clap clap clapclapclap” is meh to me and “Wit-ness No-Thing” seems a little too clever by half.

In their defense, they do have the “Side-Kick” and “Scot-ty Pip-pen” chants, which are my two favorites. I like the spirit and the idea, but singing some song to the tune of “My Country Tis of Thee” seems like asking A LOT of the crowd.

I go back and forth on how the crowd is going to be.  On one hand, I feel like the vast majority will be well behaved, if a bit rowdy and loud. But I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if someone (or someones) threw some shit. I’ve read the comment sections and have seen the tweets and Facebook posts, Clevelanders are pissed off. All of the anger over the Decision, the losing, the economy, the weather, and lord knows what else is being directed squarely at LeBron.

I hope people will behave (this is just sports) but I would not be surprised if some didn’t.

As for the game itself (yes, there’s an actual basketball game to be played), I have absolutely no idea what to expect.  Bill Simmons, who has watched more of LeBron and the Heat than I have, believes that  the Heat will wilt under the pressure.  Skip Bayless tweeted the same thing, saying that LeBron won’t be able to channel the negative energy into his play.

Maybe, maybe not. I could see the Cavs winning purely because of the crowd and I could also see LeBron drop 50 on us and add another chapter to the Book of Cleveland Sports Misery (the dude is the two time reigning MVP).

I have absolutely no idea what to expect out of the crowd, out of LeBron or out of the Cavs.  Should be fun.

Let’s Go Cavs!

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2 Responses to Merry Quitness

  1. Geoffrey says:

    Predictions:1. There will be several scuffles, either before the game and/or in the stands, between Lebron-heat jersey-wearing assholes and Lebron-hating assholes. 2. Lebron will play well. Didn't we used to like when fans from opposing teams got under Lebron's skin (ie Bosh's girlfriend)? I see this coming. 3. Heat will win. Cavs don't have enough offense to score on them, though I hope that the refs know whats good for the world and give the Cavs every call. Lebron or Wade will guard Mo, negating any sort of point guard advantage, and our 2's and 3's aren't good enough to make them pay for the switch.

  2. Erik says:

    That is probably where the biggest chance of violence will occur — in the stands. Becuase there will definitely be people in Heat jerseys trying to start shit.I'll be interested to see how motivated the Cavs are. All indications are that they're still hurt by LBJ's defection. But will they be able to channel that hurt into aggression? The Cavs need to attack the rim with impunity to have any chance to win. Mo and Sessions have to get inside and claw at the Heat's soft underbelly, which is their interior. Doing something to make LeBron think about losing teeth when he takes the ball inside wouldn't hurt either. If you get Bron and Wade thinking that the Cavs are mad enough to play a little dirty inside, maybe it's enough to convince LBJ to protect his pretty face and hoist jumpers outside all night.You do that, you've won half the battle right there, IMO.

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