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The Cavs had a one point lead with 26 seconds left and ended up losing by five to the Bulls.  The Cavs’ lack of a number one option hurt them down the stretch, as they had no one to trade baskets with Derek Rose (who is an absolute beast).

Coach Scott tried out a new starting five (Mo, Boobie, Parker, Jamison and Varejao) and while things were better (despite the 10-0 head start for the Bulls), the end result remained the same.

I also want to pass along a couple of Cavalier interviews floating around the net.  Dime Magazine interviewed former Cavalier Brad Daugherty while HoopsHype interviewed Anderson Varejao.  Nothing earth shattering here (though Andy says he “wouldn’t mind” retiring as a Cavalier), but I found both of them interesting nonetheless.

Also, some Cavs fans have turned their eyes to Grizzlies’ O.J. Mayo.  He’s had a rough year and he may end up being the odd man out in Memphis. I have no idea what the Grizzlies would want, but he’s the type of guy the Cavs should be targeting (not Iguodala).

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  1. Erik says:

    I don't think I'd even want Mayo at this point. Mayo might be the type of guy you try to trade for on the upswing. Right now, the Cavs are (or should be) in teardown mode, and they need to keep losing for lottery balls.Build the nucleus through the draft by picking in the top five for 2-3 years. Get the several players who are going to be the heart of the team for what you hope is the next 10-12 years. Then look to trades for augmentation.Any trade the Cavs make with an eye toward getting better this year or next seems like a quick fix, and ultimately, you're just going to end up with a team that isn't going to be built the right way. The often referenced "purgatory" team stuck in neutral at 45 wins and weighed down by bad contracts to overpaid vets.I'm concerned that Gilbert is going to go that route, however. He's a passionate guy, which can be a very good thing in an owner. But it can also mean that, at times, he doesn't think with his brain. He thinks with another, lower set of organs.

  2. Ben says:

    Ya, you're probably right. There's really no one on this team who will on the roster when the Cavs next 'contend' (unless you really think highly of Manny Harris). and who knows what the Cavs would even give up to get Mayo, Varejao? Capspace (AP, Moon)? I really don't know.

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