Also, Defense

J.J. lost his starting job, he thinks he knows how to get it back:

Hickson had a brief conversation with his coach.

“He said for me to be professional about it and deal with it,” he said.

He said he thinks he knows what it will take for him to get back in the coach’s good graces.

“I guess rebounding and play harder, which I did (on Tuesday in Philadelphia),” Hickson said.

Ya, I guess.

Hickson has certainly been a disappointment lately (averaging 8 points and 3 boards in the month of December).  The Cavs aren’t very good (shocking!) and if they’re going to win/make the playoffs, they need reliable production from Hickson on both ends of the court. On a team full of streaky shooters (Mo, Boobie, The Jumpshooter), J.J. has to give consistant production (and his 11 points and 5 boards ain’t cutting it).

I’m not really sure what how the Cavs should handle this besides giving J.J. some tough love. He has the skills and the body to be a productive NBA starter for a long, long time.

Or he’s Drew Gooden 2.0.

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2 Responses to Also, Defense

  1. Nick says:

    A lot of J.J. is just inconsistent play. It seems like that is the Cavs team this season. Without that No. 1 guy, the rest of the team has no way of getting guys into an offensive rhythm. Good offensive play will create more hustle and tough defensive play (and vice versa). It's obvious we have no defense. But, when we are working and scoring on the offensive end it creates the energy and hustle for J.J. to get out there and rebound and play that shot blocking shut down defense that he's shown at times.Bottom line is while J.J. is still young, it's ok to instill these ideas into his head with tough love. But without him getting 30 minutes and 10-13 shots a game, I really don't see it turning around for him to get up and hustle for a 7-15 team while coming off the bench.

  2. Ben says:

    He gets too pleased with himself. He'll make a great play or have a good game and he's content. He'll slack off or not go as hard, because hey, he just showed what he can do. I'm all for tough love. I just hope no one in the front office regards Hickson as a 1st or 2nd option to build around.

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