This Scares Me

I know that cap space isn’t totally important to the Cavaliers (I mean, which marque free agent is moving to Cleveland?) but are they really looking to take on big salary?

As the trade deadline approaches, keep an eye on the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors. As one executive put it, those are the teams that will have first dibs if a marquee player becomes available because of their $14.5 million trade exceptions. Teams that are looking to get out of a contract will turn to Cleveland or Toronto, even over teams that have a sizeable ending contract to offer because they would still be forced to take on the expiring player’s current salary this season. Both teams are looking to use their trade exceptions and will likely be players as February approaches.

I really don’t think the Cavs should be adding a sizeable contract to this squad.  Why? What are you building around?

By the way,  the Cavs lost by 15 to the Rockets tonight. Sure, they kept the game close for about 2 and a half quarters, but eventually the whole “not playing defense” thing caught up with ’em.  For whatever reason, they simply refuse to close out on three point shooters (Houston finished 12-26, but at one point was 12-23).

The offense looked OK and at one point they cut a 13 point third quarter deficit (75-62) down 4 (75-71) but never they made it any closer. Jamison had 24, 5 and 2 and Mo pitched in 18 and 9, but it wasn’t nearly enough, as they let Kevin Martin dropped a 40 spot on ’em.

This is their 7th straight loss and they face Kevin Durant and LeBron in their next two games.

This season could be spiraling out of control.

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