On Tucker Carlson

When you position yourself against everything Barack Obama does, you can end up looking pretty dumb.

For instance, Sarah Palin took an unnecessary jab at Michele Obama’s anti-obesity campaign (why not, it’s not like childhood obesity is a major problem or anything) and John Bolton (amongst others) thinks that Obama will give parts of the United States back to Native Americans.  (I can’t blame ’em though, being reflexively anti-Obama is how the Republicans took back the House).

So when Barack Obama praises the Philadelphia Eagles for giving Michael Vick a second chance, Carlson is in a tough spot.  He needs to be against Obama, but can’t really come out against second chances (especially since Tucker is now on his third cable network).  So that’s how we end up with Carlson saying Michael Vick should’ve been executed for his dog fighting crimes:

See, he thinks Michael Vick treated these animals cruelly, so he should be put to death. OK, seems dumb to me, but whatever. I take it that Tucker is also against factory farming, right? Surely that’s worse than dog fighting, no? These farms can spread diseases and other health problems.  I can only imagine that he thinks these farm owners deserve the chair too.

But somehow I don’t think Carlson is a member of PETA. But that’s just a guess. He could really love animals and animal rights, rather than just trying to score cheap political points against our socialist/Marxist/fascist/Islamic president.

And color me cynical but his cheap point scoring tactic worked, no?  Carlson’s stupid comments are all over the place. He was trending on Twitter and he’s being talked about on the political and sports gabfests. So well done?

Maybe it’s just me, I thought we all agreed to stop caring what Carlson says :

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