I have an Antawn Jamison Bobble-Head


Wednesday night was my first time seeing the 2010-11 Cavaliers in person and wow… lemme tell you.  F-U-N.

They started things off pretty well, racing out to a 13 point lead after one period, but it always felt kinda flimsy.  Toronto was missing some close shots and the Cavs were shooting a ridiculous 78% or so.

With JJ Hickson earning a DNP-CD due to missing a practice, the Cavs had absolutely zero inside presence and they relied on jumpers for the bulk of their points. Defensively, the Cavs were just awful and Toronto pulled away over the final three periods (outscoring Cleveland 94-67).

Antawn Jamison made 5-7 from downtown and finished with 32 points on his bobble-head night. If there’s any good news from the evening it’s that Christian Eyenga scored 16 points in 28 minutes. Sure, he only grabbed 2 boards and had a +/- of -16, but still, I liked what I saw from Eyenga.

There’s not much else to add. The Cavs got blown out at home against the Toronto freaking Raptors. I was surprised how filled the arena was, given the situation.  There was a lot of fans in their 20s and 30s, which I really didn’t expect.  The crowd was quite young.  If the Cavs can get a rebuilding plan put together, I believe the crowds will come back.  People in their 20s and 30s grew up on the Mark Price teams and hit adulthood with the LeBron era. These people have been life long basketball fans and I think the Cavs have enough of a foundation that they can afford to rebuild for a year or two (what I don’t want is a prolonged decline, but I think Hickson and co. took care of that).

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