Random Sugar Bowl Thoughts

– That game was insane. The big lead, the comeback, the fumble touchdown, the tipped pass on 4th from Heyward, the perfect passes from Mallett, the 4th down fumble by OSU, the missed FG, the blocked punt, the interception….. talk about a roller coaster. I experienced practically every emotion one can experience during a football game.

– Arkansas had their chances.  They dropped a ton of passes, the missed a lot of tackles and they committed too many penalties.  Of course, some of the credit goes to Ohio State (they couldn’t block Cameron Heyward without holding) but Arkansas had their shots.

– Cameron Heyward is an absolute beast. He dominated Arkansas’s offensive line.

– I continue to be impressed by Terrelle Pryor.  I know his form is weird and he’ll make some dumb decisions every now and then (like his bomb into triple coverage) but his speed wins them ball games.  He extends plays, turns losses into gains and is a threat to break one every time he touches the ball.  I know he doesn’t handle pressure well and he can be arrogant, but Pryor made some great passes (and his receivers made some amazing catches) and his feet kept drives alive.

– I was unaware that backup QB Joe Bauserman is 12 years old.

– Oh Tressel-ball, I love you.  On the one hand, I can’t stand that Ohio State took their foot off the pedal in the second half.  The playcalling got very conservative and offense wasn’t nearly explosive after halftime.  I thought they needed another TD to put this game out of reach.  But on the other hand, can you really fault results? Once Ohio State got that big lead, Arkansas was forced to play mistake free football and they couldn’t do it.

– I hope Ohio State fans know how fortunate we are.  If you were on Twitter during the Wisconsin loss, you would’ve thought Terrelle Pryor was the worst QB in the world and Jim Tressel had let football pass him by. Buckeye nation was pissed.  I know OSU has lost some BCS games and blown chances over the years,  but then you look up and Jim Tressel is 5-3 in BCS games. 5-3! Ohio State is in the conversation for the championship every single year, what more can a fan ask for? This was Arkansas’s first BCS game, OSU has been in one each of the last 8 seasons.

– Thanks, NCAA.  Terrel Pryor had a monster game, Boom Herron ran for a score, DeVier Posey caught a touchdown and Solomom Thomas caught the game saving interception.  All four of those guys will be suspended for the start of next season.

– Terrelle Pryor won’t want to miss those five games, but he should really come back for his senior season.  I’m not sure what his NFL prospects look like at the moment, but I doubt he’s on many quarterback boards.  The fact that Pryor hurt his foot late in the game only hurts his draft chances too.

– The refs blew some calls but for the most part were OK.  I can’t get past the false start that was called on Ohio State late in the game (turning a 3rd and 10 into a 3rd and 15).  The announcers pointed out that an Arkansas player jumped over the line but then got back, causing the OSU tackle to jump.  And that’s true. But there was also a defensive player on the right side of the line that ran full across the line of scrimmage and made no effort to get back.  It didn’t end up mattering but OSU should’ve had a manageable 3rd and 5.

– I was kind of irked by the fact that everyone was soooo excited to beat a SEC team.  Yes, Ohio State was 0-9 vs the SEC and they had some bad losses to Florida and LSU, but I dunno, all the “WOOOOO WE FINALLY BEAT AN SEC TEAM!!!” stuff just bugged me.

– Depending on who all returns, Ohio State should be contending for the title once again next season. I think it’s possible they can survive the first five games.  Likely? I dunno. Possible? Yes.

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1 Response to Random Sugar Bowl Thoughts

  1. Nick says:

    It’s very likely the Buckeyes could be 2-3 going into game 6. Akron and Toledo pose no threat. But Miami (Fla), Colorado and Mich. St….. The best I see us being is 3-2 with the chance to beat Colorado because it is in Columbus.

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