If Byron Scott resigned on Wednesday, I wouldn’t blame him one bit

Have we hit rock bottom yet?

The Cavs scored 57 points in their 55 point loss to the Lakers.  That is absolutely fucking ridiculous. Turns out the Samardo Samuels-based offense doesn’t spell comeback against the defending champs. Lesson learned.

If there’s a bright spot in this debacle, it’s that the Lakers somehow didn’t break the record for the largest margin of victory (which is 68, set by the Cavs against the Miami Heat. Oh, the irony!).

But really, there was no good coming out of this loss.  The Cavs didn’t break 20 points in a single quarter.  The starters shot 8-37. Each and every one of them was abysmal. Manny Harris had +/- of -57 (how the fuck is that even possible?!?).  Alonzo Gee, a guy who’s been a Cavalier for roughly 45 minutes, was far and away the Cavs best player.

Things be bad, folks.

Look, I know the Cavs were without Varejao and Boobie (and Anthony Parker and Leon Powe!) and they were playing the defending champs at home, but still (and hey, to be fair, Christian Eyenga had a sprained ankle. Which he promptly reinjured when trailing by 40).  Things got so bad that LeBron James weighed in on the game (sorta, he left himself some plausible deniability), via twitter:

Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!

Classy move, Bron-Bron.  You might not want to be crowing about karma until after the season or playoffs or hell, the fucking all-star break. The season is fairly young, no?

(But can you really blame the guy for talking smack? The Cavs just switched hotels because they couldn’t be in the same building as him and the Heat are the best in the East. Not really much Cleveland fans can say in response, no?).

Well, the season is young… except for the Cavs, that is. Their season is over. D-O-N-E. This clusterfuck puts them at 8-30.  Eight and fucking thirty! Twenty-one losses in twenty-two games! This team was a respectable 7-9 and then LeBron came to town and the wheels came off. No one has any answers at the moment.

Cleveland nearly lost by more points than they scored. Let that sink in.

The Cavaliers now have the worst record in the NBA. Good news is, if this holds true, they’ll be picking no lower than 4th in June’s draft.

So there’s that.

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1 Response to If Byron Scott resigned on Wednesday, I wouldn’t blame him one bit

  1. Erik says:

    And instead of outrage from within, instead of a call to action, we’re going to be subjected to more self-pity and grim resignation from an organization that either refuses to move or, or is so mentally FUBAR-ed that they can’t move on.

    That all starts with the owner. Even Randy Lerner has been known to get mad and stare down his team. Gilbert is mostly interested in proving to the world that LeBron is an ass for screwing his team over. It’s almost like Gilbert wants his team to crumble so the world can see what a cold, heartless bastard LeBron is for leaving his loyal subjects in ruin.

    I hope history won’t ulitimately show that Gilbert was a bad owner being propped up by LeBron. But that’s the road I think we’re headed down.

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