For all your Turtlecall needs

None of you may recall that, last April, I recorded a podcast with Brian Spaeth where he told me about his new business venture, Turtlecalls (we also talked LeBron and Lost). If you actually listened to said podcast, I was on the fence about this whole turtlecall idea. Seemed a bit, well, odd.

I’m happy to say I’m off the fence (?). I purchased a Cheadlecall (only $3!) for my buddy Chris and I couldn’t be more pleased. What’s a Cheadlecall?

this is a special turtlecall where i will call and pretend to be a turtle pretending to be don cheadle, who is a famous actor in american movies like hotel rwanda

Enjoy. And well done, Chris.

Turtlecalls – America’s Turtlecall Leader

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