Dumbing it down

I like the concept but I wonder if Coach Scott will be able to field a full five:

There are but two simple rules for the Defensive-Minded Cavaliers, the new-look squad that debuts Wednesday night against the Phoenix Suns at The Q.

1. There is now only one way to play defense. No more multiple approaches and varied schemes. One way to fight through screens, one way to defend pick and rolls. One way.

2. If you somehow manage to forget that single way to play defense, start eyeing which seat on the bench you’d like to occupy.

“If you make a mistake by not getting up and doing what you’re supposed to do, next dead ball, come to the bench,” coach Byron Scott said Tuesday. “Cause you’re coming out.”

This is has to be considered a good sign.  The Cavalier offense hasn’t been the problem (you’ll see the Cavs routinely score 50 points in a half), it’s the defense that’s been awful (they’ll routinely give up 70 in that same half). The Cavs have lost 23 of 24, it is time to try some different things.

Given the injuries, general talent level and the LeBron clusterfuck, I’ve found it hard to get a good read on Coach Scott. It’s generally not Scott’s fault that the Cavs stink but, at the same time, his team is giving up 70 and 80 point halves.  That’s not talent or lack of athleticism, that’s simple effort.

Good luck trying that new defense stuff against Steve Nash and the Suns. That’ll be fun.

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3 Responses to Dumbing it down

  1. Neal says:

    Tonight will be a stellar defensive effort of holding the high flying Suns to a mere 65 points in the first half……. Baby steps….

    Byron Scott has shown nothing as a coach despite the injury hardships and overall debacle….

  2. Ben says:

    hey! they held Phoenix to just 63 points at half. improvement!

  3. Neal says:

    Terrific!!! Things are looking up!

    What a complete travesty.

    The ping pong balls had better be nice to us. Who projects as the #1 pick in the 2011 draft?

    Neal in KC (but Cleveland at heart)

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