I was gonna say…

So SI’s Britt Robson wrote a column where he named the MVP for each of the 30 NBA teams. Fairly straight forward, mid-season type column.  I immediately wondered who he would pick for our Cleveland Cavaliers (who he has ranked dead last):

There is one area of comparison where the Cavs still maintain bragging rights over the Miami Heat: home attendance. While the Heat are drawing announced capacity-plus crowds on average of 19,762, good for fifth in the NBA, the Cavs are second behind only Chicago, with an average of 20,562. Granted, not everyone shows up, and more than a few bought their season tickets with the expectation of watching LeBron. But in a season that has gone from betrayal to bad to worse, thousands of fans of this wretched team put on their wine-and-gold gear and represent. The biggest basketball story in Cleveland this season has been about their passionate response to LeBron’s return. For that, and for the people who continue to show up without bags on their heads, this sincere salute.
MVP: The faithful fans
Runner-up: Anderson Varejao

Sounds about right. The Cavs fans have been the most consistent thing about this season.  Anderson Varejao as the runner up is a fine, if obvious, choice, but he won’t be eligible for the end of year honor.

Robson also gives the Cavs an F on his mid-season report card:

Their three straight road wins in early November seem like a mirage today. If Amar’e Stoudemire had converted a 12-foot fadeaway at the buzzer on Dec. 18, the Cavs would be in the midst of a 24-game losing streak. As it is, they have dropped 14 in a row. Their best player, Anderson Varejao, is lost for the season with an ankle injury. They rank last in offensive efficiency (points scored per 100 possessions) and 29th in defensive efficiency. If you strain hard for positive signs, you can make out the improvement in Daniel Gibson, the flashes of talent in J.J. Hickson when he’s not feuding with coach Byron Scott, and the fact that those seven wins in October and November count just the same on the final tally in April, probably saving the Cavs the ignominy of being the worst team of all time.

I’m still kind of blown away that the 8-33 Cavs were once 7-9. I mean, 24 losses in 25 games…. just wow. And most of these losses weren’t even close.

It’s disgustingly poetic that the season went down the tubes immediately after the December 2nd game against LeBron and the Heat.

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1 Response to I was gonna say…

  1. Nick says:

    It’s cool that we fans are still recognized as being the most important part of a struggling Cleveland sports history.

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