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I was at a wedding on Saturday night, so forgive me if I have nothing to say about the Cavs loss to the Bulls (their 16th straight).  Well, I will say I’m intrigued by the fact that J.J. Hickson not only grabbed 20 rebounds in one game, but he somehow netted a +/- of -27 in the process. Well done, sir.

Anyways, this weekend my friends turned me on to the band Mumford & Sons. I had heard of them but never actually heard them. Me gusta. Here’s ‘Little Lion Man’ live from CD101 in Columbus (my favorite radio station, though Cleveland’s 107.3 is quite good too)

Speaking of music, I’m now officially in a band backing up Sunny Moneybaggs (you always pictured me backing up a rapper, right? You can follow Sunny on twitter). Our first gig is Saturday, February 12th at the Stringz & Wingz in Streetsboro and we’ll also be playing at Caddyshack in downtown Cleveland on St Patrick’s Day.

I’d like to hope that the Cavs will get another victory by the time we play our show in Streetsboro, but checking out their schedule, I’m not so sure. Their best shots are tonight in New Jersey and at home on Feb. 2nd against the Pacers.  They face the Clippers at home on the 11th, but with the way Blake Griffin and company are playing, that doesn’t look much like an easy win any more.

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