Can the Cavs go 0-January?

With last night’s lost to the Celtics, the Cavs have now lost 18 games in a row and are 1-28.  They went an astounding 1-14 in the month of December and are currently winless during January.

The good news is, the Cavs have three more chances to win before the month is out.  The bad news is, they play Denver at home before travelling to Florida to face Orlando and Miami to close out the month. I have to say, I like their chances for a winless January. It’s not just possible, but likely at this point.

The next ‘winnable’ game is February 2nd against the Pacers at the Q.  After that, there February 9th versus Detroit and February 13th at home against the Wizards.

At least they got more wins than the Browns.

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3 Responses to Can the Cavs go 0-January?

  1. Jeffrey says:

    blog layout is messed up i think?

  2. Ben says:

    what are you viewing it in?

  3. Neal says:

    I’m still waiting for Cleveland to win a game in 2011. Over/under on the first Cleveland win being March 1???

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