Trade Winds

Seems the Cavs have been exploring their trade options, via ESPN’s Marc Stein:

The Cavs still have that infamous $14.5 million trade exception created in the LeBron James sign-and-trade salvation mission with Miami to take on a hefty contract if and when, in the words of Twitter-happy owner Dan Gilbert, they finally decide to “strike.”

NBA front-office sources say that the Cavs have likewise been making guard Mo Williams available since the summer and continue to receive trade interest from rival clubs for the likes of veteran forward Antawn Jamison and swingman Anthony Parker.

However …

Cleveland’s most enticing trade asset – rugged Brazilian big man Anderson Varejao – was ruled out for the rest of the season in early January thanks to a torn ankle tendon. Varejao still hasn’t decided whether he’s going to have surgery on the ankle, but the severity of the injury brought an understandable halt to some thought-provoking negotiations that sources say had quietly begun to percolate between the Cavs and Oklahoma City.

I’ve said a number of times that Varejao would be a great setting picks for Kevin Durant Russell Westbrook. Andy rebounds, he defends and he doesn’t need the ball to make an impact on the game.

Stein notes that the Cavs didn’t want to part with Varejao, so they most likely were asking for James Harden or Jeff Green (which OKC would’ve balked at).  Andy’s injury makes this all moot but I really think this could’ve been a deal that would’ve helped both teams.

But while the Varejao deal may be dead, that doesn’t mean the Cavs stopped trying to work the phone lines:

According to sources cited by ESPN, the Cavs have been calling around to gauge other teams’ interest in Williams. For those in need of point guard depth or looking for another shooter to add to a playoff run, he could be the right fit. However, he has two years and $17 million left on his contract after this season.

It has also been reported by a number of outlets that Antawn Jamison is the subject of trade talks, as the Cavs are looking to make some significant moves before the deadline. Whether these are legit “trying to win” moves or “trying to get the No. 1 draft pick” moves, we’ll see.

I dunno about anyone else, but I count “trying to win” moves and “trying to get the No. 1 draft pick” moves as the same thing.

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