I worked during most of the Cavs game, but I heard the ending on my way home and all I have to say is “wow”.  The Cavs have the ball trailing by 1 with about 26 seconds to go and Anthony Parker decides to call his own number for a coast-to-coast floater.  You can imagine how that ended.

Poor Jim Chones sounded so depressed after Parker missed (paraphrasing) “My oh my. My oh my. I just don’t understand why AP broke from the offense. This is one of our veteran players.” The whole sequence was baffling; Byron Scott didn’t call a timeout, Ramon Sessions didn’t try to get the ball and Parker went right at their shot blocking center, Roy Hibbert. Ugh.

The Cavs still had a chance, down three with 17 seconds to go but J.J. Hickson fumbled a pass from Ramon Sessions and that was all she wrote.  This was the Cavs’ best chance for a win in sometime: an 18-27 Pacer team that just fired their coach, at the Q.  Coming up, the Cavs have back-to-backs in Memphis and against Portland Friday and Saturday before taking a one-game road trip to Dallas to face the Mavs the day after the Super Bowl (that makes sense).  Their next best shot at a W is against the 17-32 Pistons at home next Wednesday. And next Friday?

This guy.

(via Ben Golliver). (Bill Simmons certainly enjoyed it).

Seriously, how many dunks will Blake have against this Jamison, Hickson and Hollins? 4? 6? 13? This team doesn’t play defense. It could be ugly, yet jaw dropping.

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2 Responses to Almost

  1. Nick says:

    Still wanna try to get tickets to that game?

  2. Ben says:

    yes. I will talk with you soon.

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