Might as well own it

With five minutes to go, the Cavaliers trailed the Blazers 103-94 and things could’ve gone one of two ways.  The Cavs could’ve just given up and accepted their 24 straight loss. I wouldn’t have exactly blamed ’em.  But, to their credit (I guess), the Cavs made one last push to avoid history.

With the defense scrambling and the ball moving offensively (five different Cavaliers scored to cut the lead to 107-105), the Cavs sucked us in and gave us a sliver of hope that maybe, just maybe, they wouldn’t set the consecutive loss record.

But of course they did.

Antawn Jamison bricked a hook shot, Andre Miller pulled an old-man move and Ramon Session missed a layup and that was all she wrote. The 24th straight loss. (You’ll be shocked to learn that the Blazers shot 12-19 from behind the arc. Coach Byron, this might be an area you need to address).

At this point, you can’t really be surprised. I mean, when the team lost it’s previous 23 games, it’s not like you can really expect them to win the next one. *sigh* At least they tried, right? There’s been many a game during this streak (Miami, Minnesota, the Lakers…) where they simply gave up. So the fact that they were still trying is kinda-sorta  a step in the right direction.

The Cavs’ next game is Monday night in Dallas, so we can count that as number 25. After Dallas, their next three games all present good chances for that elusive victory.  The 19-32 Pistons (road record: 6-21) visit on Wednesday, followed by the 19-31 Clippers (road record: 3-17) on Friday and if the Cavs can’t beat those two juggernauts, the 13-37 Wizards (with their 0-25 road record) visit the Q on Sunday.  If they can’t get a victory out of those three games, then lord help us all.

In other ‘things I saw that are terrible’ news, I caught Tron: Legacy last night in 3-D. Wow. It made Avatar’s plot look like freaking Shakespeare. Yes, the visuals were sweet but they definitely were not worth the price of admission (but the Jeff Bridges/Jesus scenes nearly were).

So that was my Saturday night. The 24th straight Cavalier loss and a terrible, terrible, terrible movie.

Go Packers. Please.

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