Cavs Rumors

Bob Finnan has some trade-front nuggets:

— The Cavs are shopping forward Antawn Jamison hard as the Feb. 24 trade deadline approaches. The Hornets have shown some interest. There’s a perception out there that the Cavs might buy out his contract, but that probably won’t happen.

— Swingman Anthony Parker was reportedly offered to Chicago, but a deal couldn’t be reached. One name that was floating around in return is Bulls center Omer Asik, a 7-footer from Turkey. But the Bulls didn’t want to part with their backup center. The Parker deal could still get done for a second-round pick.

— Other Cavaliers players with expiring contracts — forward Jamario Moon, forward/center Leon Powe and forward Joey Graham (team option next year) — can be had as well. Good luck with those moves.

Look, I don’t care what the Cavs get for Anthony Parker. I simply can’t stand the guy. It’s probably irrational but his game just bugs me. I dunno about anyone else, but I’ll gladly take a backup center or a second round pick for AP. Then I’ll do a dance.

Terry Pluto agrees that the Cavs won’t buy out Jamison:

4. ESPN’s Ric Bucher wrote: “Likeliest [to get traded is] Antawn Jamison. Cavs will try to deal him, but if it doesn’t happen I would expect a buyout. The team likeliest to sign him after that is New Orleans right now. They need a stretch 4 and he would be perfect.”

5. Can Jamison be traded? Certainly. But the Cavs have no intention of taking back a player on a longer contract just to move Jamison. He is paid $14 million this season, and $15 million next year. They have no intention of buying him out to become a free agent paying him not to play for them. They like Jamison as a person and think he can still help as a player. Some nights when Mo Williams was hurt, the only guys scoring were Jamison and Ramon Sessions.

I’d love to see Jamison moved as well. With Anderson Varejao out for the season, Jamison (even with his absurd contract) is the Cavs’ most valuable piece.  I really don’t see what the Cavs could get from New Orleans, unless it’s picks and expiring deals. And with another year left on his contract, I don’t see the point in waiving Jamison after this year’s deadline.

Also, Mary Schmitt Boyer doesn’t think the Cavs will go after O.J. Mayo, which is really too bad. Mayo is the type of player that the Cavaliers should be targeting (young, talented and in dire need of a change of scenery).

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