Teams that have beaten both the Celtics and the Lakers

It’s a fairly short list.

Orlando Magic, record: 36-21

Dallas Mavericks, record: 39-16

Chicago Bulls, record: 37-16

Houston Rockets, record: 26-31

Phoenix Suns, record: 27-26

Charlotte Bobcats, record: 24-32

and our 10-46 Cleveland Cavaliers.

I have no idea how this squad can get it’s behind whooped by the Washington freaking Wizards but somehow beat the defending champs a few days later. Yes, the Lakers are in a funk but damn, the Cavs played well.  Hickson looked like a real honest-to-god basketball player (he kept his head in the game and his energy high even though his shot wasn’t falling) and Ramon Sessions played an outstanding games (though Derek Fisher is just a wee bit vulnerable to quick point guards).

The Cavaliers lost by 55 last time these squads faced off.  They gave the Wizards their first road win in 27 tries. They have the worst record in the league and tied the longest losing streak in professional sports history.

And they’ve beaten both of the teams in last year’s Finals.

Simply insane.

I’m not the biggest Austin Carr fan around but if his call doesn’t bring a smile to your face, you have no soul.

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