Cavs trade for Baron Davis, Baron Davis’ Beard

I’ll have more tomorrow but, um, what the fuck:

The Los Angeles Clippers and Cleveland Cavaliers have agreed in principle to a trade that would send Baron Davis and the Clippers’ 2011 first-round draft pick to Cleveland in exchange for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon, league sources confirmed to

Davis is still owed nearly $28 million over the next two seasons and the balance of his $13 million contract this year. Williams is owed the balance of his $9.3 million salary this season and has player options of $8.5 million for each of the next two years. The difference in their salaries would be absorbed by the trade exception Cleveland received over the summer in the extend-and-trade of LeBron James to Miami.

Quick take:

1. Getting the Clippers (current record: 21-37) 2011 first round pick: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

2. Getting Baron Davis: ????????????????????????????

What’s the plan? Baron Davis + Cavs pick + Clippers pick + Hickson/Andy/etc = contention? That doesn’t seem too bad on paper, depending on the picks… but Davis is moody, can be overweight and (as the ESPN article reminded me) has feuded with Coach Scott in the past. However, Davis does respond well to good crowds, so that could be a plus…. maybe?? On the flip side, he could hate it here, pout, give a 40% effort and the Cavs would continue their shitty losing anyway but now they’d holding an extra first rounder. So, win-win?

But ya. Wow. I dunno. Baron Davis, Cleveland Cavalier. Really did not see that coming. I’m not sure what the Cavs are thinking here. Contention? I’m pretty sure I remember Dan Gilbert being enamored with Davis in Windhorst and Pluto’s The Franchise (and he had to be talked out of it, because Baron’s game REALLY didn’t mesh with LeBron’s). Is this Dan Gilbert trying to win now? Are they just picking up an extra first by taking someone else’s baggage?

So ya. I’m confused.

Also, thus ends the Mo Williams era. Talk about a guy who needed a change of scenery. I wish him well; he had his faults but I always felt he played hard. He’s a decent 3rd or 4th wheel, but he was asked to do too much here (he wasn’t a Robin to LeBron’s Batman, that’s for sure). I think he could work well playing off Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin in Los Angeles.

Baron Davis and the first round pick of the Los Angeles Clippers. Interesting, Chris Grant, interesting.

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