The wheels could really fall off this thing

Antawn Jamison is out for the season 5-7 weeks:

Cavaliers leading scorer Antawn Jamison will be out five to seven weeks after having surgery on his fractured left little finger.

Jamison, who has been scoring 18 points per game, broke the finger late in the third quarter of Sunday’s 95-91 loss to Philadelphia at The Q. Dr. Thomas Graham will perform surgery on Tuesday at the Marymount Surgery Center, which is located in the Cleveland Clinic Sports Health Center.

The injury is a setback for the Cavs, who were 3-3 in their last six games after suffering through an NBA-record 26-game losing streak. The season ends in a little more than six weeks, on April 13.

I’m going to be interested how the Cavs, namely J.J. Hickson, perform in Antawn’s absence.

On the surface, losing Jamison hurts a lot. He’s their leading scorer! He’s the, um, grizzled veteran! Sure, he sucks at defense and rebounding, but he scores. They’ll definitely miss his scoring.

But at this stage in Jamison’s career, I think it’s hard to overstate how bad his defense is. It’s terrible. He was never particularly quick or a strong defender and age certainly hasn’t helped. His offense is fine, the rest of his game… notsomuch.

I get kinda peeved when I see national pundits bemoaning the fact that Jamison is on this team with that record losing streak.  You know what plays a part in losing 26 games in a row? Defense. I mean, I don’t want anyone to go through 26 straight losses, but let’s not act like Jamison didn’t play a role in all of this.

I wouldn’t be totally shocked to see the Cavs play better without him, to be honest. I could be wrong, but Baron Davis should replace most of his scoring and their team defense should improve considerably. And if I’m wrong, well, keep those ping pong balls coming.

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