All Sorts of Awesome

Wanna see LeBron throw a ball of Chris Bosh’s head while listening to the old ‘NBA on NBC’ theme song? Sure ya do. (via Yahoo’s Kelly Dwyer)

I watched the end of the Miami-Orlando game last night and I was amused (but certainly not surprised) by the Heat’s late game troubles.  There was no ball movement and lots bad jumper and now folks like Magic Johnson (amongst others) are wondering why LeBron isn’t going to block more often.


If you’re familiar with my blog at all, you know I practically begged LeBron to go down low in the post. I never understood having your best player go 1-on-5 26 feet from the hoop. Everyone blamed Mike Brown for Cleveland’s unwatchable offense, but (again) I highly doubt Coach Mike was drawing up plays that called for Bron-Bron to hold the ball for 20 seconds while everyone else stands around. LeBron did that all on his own.

But in LeBron’s defense, he was stuck with the worst 60 win team in the history of the NBA, so he had no choice.  Now that he’s in Miami with one and a half good teammates, you’d figure his team’s offense would look better.  But no.

This was the problem with Wade and LeBron teaming up. They play the exact same style.  If they want to win, one of those two is going to have to change their late game routine.  Having Wade go 1-on-5 while LeBron sits in the corner is a terrible use of LeBron’s skills (or vice versa).  God forbid Miami runs a pick & roll with Wade and LBJ (with Bron-Bron setting the pick).

The Heat are going to win a ton of regular season games simply by having Wade and LeBron on the court. They’re really really really good. But they won’t beat good, veteran teams in the playoffs unless they get more efficient in late game situations. And that means getting either LBJ or Wade to change his style.  And having LeBron closer to the rim makes the most sense.

(Oh, and in Cleveland basketball news, Baron Davis is expected to suit up and come off the bench tonight against the Knicks in Madison Square Garden. So that’s neat.)

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2 Responses to All Sorts of Awesome

  1. Brian says:

    The real problem is – as amazing as it seems – LeBron doesn’t really know how to play basketball that well. Not how a Jordan or a Kobe or a Duncan did/does.

    Backscreens, moving without the ball, etc.

  2. Ben says:

    Ya, you’re exactly right. Playing in Cleveland, he never was forced to learn how to play off the the ball. It was all one-on-one (which, obviously, he’s great at).

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