Slap on the wrist

Jim Tressel is gonna miss some games:

Ohio State suspended football coach Jim Tressel for two games and fined him $250,000 on Tuesday for violating NCAA rules by failing to notify the school about information he received involving two players and questionable activities involving the sale of memorabilia.

Tressel also will receive a public reprimand and must make a public apology. The NCAA is investigating and could reject the self-imposed penalties and impose additional sanctions.

Well, I’m glad that’s all cleared up. Nothing like a fine worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (by a guy paid millions) for an infraction that costs less than $5K.

I really could care less about this whole thing. It’s not like he was paying players to come to school or helping them cheat. They sold stuff (that they owned) and they broke a rule. A rule soooo bad that they couldn’t be forced to missed a bowl game.

Gotta love college sports.

UPDATE: You can read the emails Tressel received here. Ya. Um.

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