I have not yet filled out a bracket

Making me a terrible basketball fan.

I don’t really get too into the brackets for March Madness. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the games and I’ll eventually fill out a bracket or two, but I end up forgetting who I had winning certain games and I never like having to choose between rooting for an upset or my pick (hint: I always root for the upset). Like LeBron, I’ll probably end up picking Ohio State but I don’t feel confident about any of my yet-to-be-determined picks (so if you came here to get some college basketball info, you’re an idiot).

Anyone else listen to the Bill Simmons and Chad Ford BS report? I’m about halfway through and the way they discuss this year’s NBA draft is beyond depressing. The Clippers gave the Cavs an unprotected lottery pick for a reason (this draft stinks). Odds are, the guys the Cavaliers draft early will be good role players, not multiple-time All-Stars (so… just a heads up, delusional Cavs fans and/or Dan Gilbert).

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1 Response to I have not yet filled out a bracket

  1. Titus Pullo says:

    Don’t get too worried, yet, about who the Cavs may or may not draft. If the Celtics had two lottery picks Simmons would be drooling all over someone.

    You just never know how it will play out. Everyone thought the Greg Oden/Kevin Durant draft was a good one, but it turns out that’s only true if you drafted Durant.

    As long as the Cavs do their homework they will end up with two very good players; may not be superstars, but two guys that should help the team a lot. Then they add someone in the next draft and they get things turned around.

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