Things Smart Owners Don’t Do

The Cavs pick up a road victory (actual quote from my buddy: “I feel like the Cavs didn’t win that game, DeMarcus Cousins lost that game”) and what does their owner decide to do? Pick a fight with a national sports writer:

Look, I get that Dwyer picked the Cavs to win 12 games and that he didn’t care for the Baron Davis deal. I’m sure the guy sticks in Gilbert’s craw.

But you’re one of 30 people who owns a NBA franchise, don’t you have better things to do than crow about your team’s 13th win? And are you serious with the “who is she?” bullshit? Are you 12 years old? Kelly Dwyer writes a national column that is published on the internet, I can’t even imagine how many “HARDY HAR HAR KELLY IS A GIRLS NAME LOLZ” emails that dude gets every single day.  If you’re gonna take a shot at someone on Twitter, at least bring a joke that’s funny to people who can read above a third grade level. It also helps your talk trash when your team’s winning percentage isn’t under .200.

(Oh, and nevermind Dwyer’s 12 win prediction came with the caveat that the Cavs would trade all of their useful players like Mo Williams, Anthony Parker, Anderson Varejao, and Antawn Jamison for future picks and young guys. Thank god she (HAR!) was wrong!).

What does this outburst accomplish? Will this help or hurt the Cavaliers? How about LeBron’s decision to leave?Will this make people think, “Oh, Dan Gilbert isn’t a hothead and really thinks things through”? Will this make other writers/pundits/players rethink their position on Dan Gilbert’s and his ownership? This will only invite more ridicule, and deservedly so.

In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t a huge deal. So Dan Gilbert acted like a douche on Twitter at 1am after the Cavs 13th win. So what? This won’t have any bearing on how the Cavs play or anything like that. While I love his passion and the energy he brings to the franchise (not to mention his willingness to spend), it’s shit like that makes me not trust Dan Gilbert.

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