Welcome back, Joe

Joe Tait will return to the booth tonight:

Though he lost 50 pounds and still has some aches and pains — he uses a cane to walk — Tait will broadcast the final five home games before retiring.

“Just like an out-of-date fashion, I’m coming back,” Tait joked in a telephone interview Saturday.

Naturally, that prompted a question about whether he’d be wearing one of his colorful, patterned sweaters.

“The old ones would hang on me like a shroud and I don’t want to go that route,” he said, laughing. Instead, he’ll probably wear one of the new sweaters his wife Jean has picked out.

Another change will be the addition of color commentator Jim Chones to the radio broadcast. Tait, who has been with the Cavs for all but two years since their inaugural season of 1970-71, has been used to working alone on the radio.

Asked about his advice to Chones, Tait again joked, “Be quiet.”

Gotta love Joe.

I’m glad he’s returning and going out on his own terms, but I sure hope he didn’t put himself at risk in attempting to return for these games. No reason he has to get sick to announce a Samardo Samuels rebound. But with the Cavs being so out of it, I didn’t realize that we only have a few games left before the playoffs start (plus, he’s not traveling with the team for road games), so hopefully Tait won’t be too taxed by these last five games.

In some ways it’s fitting. Joe is leaving the NBA the same way he came in: announcing basketball for a the worst team in the league.

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