This is mighty dumb (h/t to @RealMYoung23):

1. How should the Cavs, their players and tehir fans treat LeBron tonight?

Ethan Sherwood Strauss, HoopSpeak: The fans should cheer him. Seriously, every Cleveland boo reveals the shallow nature of their love for him and validates his decision.

As for the Cavs players, I wouldn’t tell former co-workers how to interact with each other. It’s up to them.

So LeBron gets showered with love for 8 years, the team plays really well and then LeBron leaves in the most dickish way possible (toying with the fans the entire time) and instead of being mad, the fans should cheer him? And if they don’t cheer him, that just proves that LeBron made the right decision to leave his 60 win, hometown team.


And I thought Newt Gingrich made no sense.

Somewhat relatedly, I got into a little Twitter tiff (start here) this past week over how Cavs fans should respond to LeBron’s return. My basic point is this: I can’t get myself geared up for this game. The Cavs are out of it, the Heat are headed towards the playoffs… I’m more or less past the anger stage.

Yes, I’d rather still have LeBron here (I sure enjoyed my team competing for a championship year in, year out) and while I was pissed when he left, I’m more or less over it; the team is what it is (ie, bad).  Hell, I’m already sick of Charlie Sheen already and that’s been about three weeks or so. The Decision feels like it happened years ago in internet time.

The main thing I’m looking for tonight is whether or not the Cavs actually try.

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