So This Happened

Just checking my email, minding my own business and I come across this:

Well that’s weird. Former Browns quarterback Derek Anderson was following me, Ben Cox the muttonchopped, disc golf playing, “witty, caustic” sports blogger on Twitter.  Neat.

So I go to Derek Anderson’s page, click ‘follow’ and receive this message:

What?!?! Derek Anderson blocked me? Noooooooo! However will I keep up with the insights of this former Browns legend? How, I ask, how?!

Now, you may be asking what I did to get Derek Anderson all riled up. Did I make fun of his shitty facial hair? Did I repeatedly comment that he doesn’t see linebackers and that he has no touch on short throws? That at various times of his Browns career I wanted to see both Charlie Fry and Brady freaking Quinn start in place of him? No.

Here’s the only time I’ve mentioned Derek Anderson on twitter:

That’s it.

I was telling Cleveland fans to not be total dicks and root for LeBron get hurt, someone tweets and let’s DA know that not all Cleveland fans are total dicks, I make one-off reference to this and I get blocked.


I could be wrong though, maybe that’s not the reason, he could just block all Cleveland fans on general principle (probably not a bad move, honestly). Maybe he searched for his name on my blog. Point is, I don’t know. I wasn’t really trying to really mess with Anderson (I’m not one of those folks who tweet @ celebrities), just cracking a joke (which I’m fairly certain is entire reason twitter exists). I’m not sure DA understands this, but his “I take this shit seriously” rant has gone down in internet lore and that there’s no way that genie is going back into the bottle.

Also, who knows if DA actually blocks every negative tweet he sees, but if he’s gonna go about it that way, I’d suggest not even using twitter. Go read a book or something (or work on your short passes). Because there are sports fans out there who take this shit way more seriously than I do.

It’s sports. I can only care so much. Yes, I want the Cavs to beat LeBron and the Heat, but I don’t want anyone getting hurt. Again, it’s just sports.

Which was my whole original point.


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