Long Overdue Music Post

Here’s a few tunes that keep popping up on the ipod.

Guster – Do You Love Me

Kept hearing this on 107.3 and I really dig it.  I like sunny, happy shit every now and then. For some reason when I was in High School, Guster had a show at our auditorium. I didn’t go, because… well, no idea. So… good, useful fact.

Adele – If it Hadn’t Been for Love

I got turned onto Adele about a month ago by a couple of friends (on my birthday, actually) and I really like her.  She’s got a fantastic voice and I like the sparse production on her songs. I’m attempting to learn this on guitar, the chords aren’t difficult, it’s all the other (re: interesting) stuff that I gotta learn.

Pearl and the Beard – Voice in My Throat

One of my fellow librarians turned me onto Pearl and the Beard just this past week.  When you search for them on youtube, this Will Smith medley is the first thing that pops up. They have a free EP on their site which I really recommend checking out.

George Harrison – Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

So my folks got me a ukulele for my birthday and you’re kidding yourself if you think I haven’t played this song a million times already. Love it.

Pretty Lights – Time (remix)

Pink Floyd. But crunchy.

Smash Mouth – Heave Ho

I just love this song. Like everyone else, I got sick to death of Smash Mouth after ‘All-Star’ was everywhere, but I really like their first CD, Fush Yu Mang (in college, that CD and POTUSA’s self titled were my go to day-after-party house cleaning albums).  I also think that ‘Heave Ho’ would be a really really, fun song to play live.

Speaking of playing live, a few other things to mention.  First, I backed up my buddy Sunny Moneybaggs up at Tri-C for Crooked River Groove records. There’s gonna be video at somepoint, so that’ll be fun (it was the day after the victory over the Heat, so I definitely wore a Cavs shirt. Practically had no choice).

I backed up Sunny along with most of the members of Falling Into Fire (I was filling in). I love these guys. You can check out FiF at Peabody’s on April 22nd and you can vote for them in an online Battle of the Bands (winner gets to play at Warped Tour). Vote early, vote often.

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1 Response to Long Overdue Music Post

  1. Lea says:

    Hey Ben! I just started following you on Twitter but feel like I have been for a while because of the many many @demeatloaf RTs. I’ve enjoyed perusing your blog. I have also recently started listening to Adele, and I cannot get enough. When her first album came out two years ago I was impressed, but didn’t really listen much. I cannot stop listening to 21. I also like sunny happy things from time to time, and my summer indie pop beach music is Telekinesis’ – 12 Desperate Straight Lines.

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