Hate the Heat Parties

I agree with Brendan Bowers over at Stepien Rules:

I know Dan Gilbert was the first to float this idea out there and if he acted on that plan it would have been the worst move he ever made as owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers in my humble opinion.  Sure he might be able to get between five and ten thousand people to come down and buy $7 beers from him and eat over priced soft pretzels with cheese as they rooted against LeBron, but at what cost?  To fill an arena of Cleveland sports fans and have them openly root and cheer for the New York Knicks or the Boston Celtics???  Really?  That would be uncharted territories of low.  Now after responding to Bill Simmons “joke” about throwing such a party on twitter Gilbert said he was kidding.  I will give him the benefit of the doubt on that too.  I don’t think he would go so far as pimping Cleveland fans in that fashion, because that’s exactly what this type of party would be.  He knows that, he’s better than that, and that was part of the joke.  No way he would even entertain it, and while he shouldn’t have probably responded to Bill Simmons a few days back at all, that might be why he did so.  Because he found it as outrageous a concept as I do.  Hopefully.

Read the whole thing.

There’s really no reason to do this. Cleveland fans will just come off looking petty and spiteful.  The best way to stick it to LeBron and company is to support the Cavs (and to have them win).

Not saying don’t take enjoyment or don’t root for the Heat to lose. Of course root for them to lose! Fuck those guys! But we don’t need to organize parties around this. Just enjoy.

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