I am a terrible blogger

Things that have happened since I last wrote a blog post on April 13th:

The Indians started off 12-2.  Then they had a swoon. Then they won more. They look like a real baseball team. Pretty fun.

(One Cleveland sports franchise must be good at all times.)

The NBA playoff began. The first round is almost over. It’s been really, really good. I highly suggest watching these games. I hope the second round and conference finals are just as enjoyable.

People cared what Donald Trump thought about current events.

Obama released his birth certificate…. on the same day the Federal Reserve Chairman gave a big press conference and he shuffled around his defense and CIA leadership. I wonder what our press corps will focus on?

Game of Thrones debuted on HBO (it is glorious).

There were roughly 45,000 NFL mock drafts (I’d prefer the Browns go with defense, but I can’t fault picking a wideout either).

Bill Simmons had a podcast with Norm MacDonald. You’ll be shocked, but I loved it.

I went to church for the first time since Christmas (actual pastor quote, “we’re open the same time next Sunday”. HA!). Easter Sunday also happened to be my first day in 30 days.

Someone on twitter called me out for not posting on the blog (I’ve also now passed 500 followers. So there’s that…).

I read this article about how the brain tells time (long read, but way interesting).

I borrowed my friend’s 12-string acoustic guitar. People weren’t lying when they said these things were hard to tune.

For the first time in practically three years, I started running.  I’m trying this Couch Potato to 5K thing. I got some weddings this summer and fall (not to mention a 10-year high school reunion), so it might behoove me to lose some weight.

Falling into Fire (my friends band, from Solon, OH), played a Peabody’s in Cleveland (video shot by me). You can vote for them to play Warped Tour here.

Finally, since I’ve last written a blog post, I’ve probably watched this video roughly 45 times:

There’s something to be said about watching straight up TALENT.

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