Uninformed Draft Thoughts

My initial, gut reaction is that I like the trades that the Browns made.

Moving from 6 to 21 netted them four extra picks and trading a 3rd to move up from 27 to 21 seems like a fair price to me (and sure as hell better than Butch Davis trading a 2nd to move up one spot). I was kind of surprised hearing the guys on 850 KNR really bashing the move down from 6th to 27th (along with four other picks), mostly because the Browns were passing up on a chance to draft a high impact player and the Falcons’ picks will be late 1sts.

(and I certainly agree that the Browns need impact players. Of coure they do; they’re a 5 win team, they need lots of stuff).

From my understanding (and I could be making this up, because I’m finding nothing via the google machine), was that this was a five player draft and the Browns were picking 6th. Basically, in order to get a guy they really liked, one of the teams ahead of the Browns needed to reach for a QB or make a bonehead m ove so someone like CB Patrick Peterson to drop to six.

Nobody reached, nobody fell and the Browns traded out of their spot.

The KNR hosts seemed really dismissive of the Browns haul, mostly on the account that since the Falcons are good, these picks (a 1st, 2nd and 4th this year and 1st and 4th next) will be later in the round and not worth as much (the firsts will be so late that they’re practically seconds!).  And when you trade out of the top ten and move down twenty spots or so, you’re depriving yourself of taking those impact guys early.


From what I can tell, the Browns weren’t sold on Julio Jones and decided to pick up multiple picks. I don’t really see the problem with this. The Browns have some holes, no? They eventually moved up to 21 by trading a 3rd rounder and picked up NT Phil Taylor from Baylor.

And while I know nothing Phil Taylor, I do know that the Browns haven’t been able to stop the run since 1999. At some point that needs to be addressed. Is Taylor the guy? Lord if I know (have I made it clear I know nothing? Why are you even reading this?!), but I feel pretty good about Tom Heckert’s judgment at this point (Joe Haden, Colt McCoy, TJ Ward).

(The only issue I’d have with Taylor is that he’s allegedly a great fit for the 3-4 as a nose tackle, but new Browns DC Dick Jauron runs a 4-3. I just never like moving guys to different positions in the NFL *waves at Kamerion Wimbley*).

And as far as passing on those impact, “game plan around” players, those guys are only drafted in the top ten? Really? Tom Brady is the easiest guy to point to, but he’s certainly not the only one (Ray Lewis and Ed Reed were drafted in the 20s). I dunno, maybe I’m biased, but after seeing top ten picks like Tim Couch, Courtney Brown, Gerrard Warren, Braylon Edwards crash and burn, I’m all about quantity over perceived quality (not to say that you can’t totally blow later picks either *waves at Chaun Thompson*).

The Browns didn’t like their options at 6, traded down for multiple picks (5::1 at the time, 4::1 after trading up) and still got a guy they liked. Sure, it’s not a sexy name or position, but it’s certainly an area that the Browns needed to address. I like it.

Basically, in my opinion, how feel about this draft depends on how much you trust Tom Heckert’s judgement.

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2 Responses to Uninformed Draft Thoughts

  1. Titus Pullo says:

    I generally find that if the Browns, Cavs and Indians, plus the fans, do the opposite of anything that the clowns at WKNR say, then only good things happen.

    If Taylor can play inside as a nose tackle, he can play inside as a defensive tackle. They’ll figure it out.

    The Browns need to get younger and picking up an extra third-round pick this year helps that. Going into next year’s draft with two first-round picks is nothing if not good.

  2. Nick says:

    It was the smart move. As you said Ben, we are a 5 win team. There isn’t a single player from any NFL draft ever that could make a 5 win team into a playoff bound team. We have a lot of holes to fill, so take the picks this year and some future ones next year. Also, there’s no saying what could happen and where the Falcons pick could end up. They could end up with tons of injuries, they could end up winning the Superbowl. Either way, we will have 2 picks in the first round. And, Heckert has a great history of finding talent in all rounds of the NFL drafts. Giving him more picks can only be better.

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