Obligatory Osama bin Laden Blog Post

Forgive the mental masturbation that is the following (warning: I may have no idea what I’m talking about). It was either this, long, rambling post that no one cares about, or go a half assed, not-very-well-thought-out, timeline clogging Twitter rant that no one cares about. I chose the former (and hey, follow me on Twitter, @BenCox83. Yay narcissism!).

I’m having fairly hard time wrapping my head around the past week of current events. What these events mean, what lessons to take, how I should feel, etc. From our president having to prove he’s American to the satisfaction of a rich, white billionaire son of a millionaire, to the absurdity that was the Royal Wedding, to the White House Correspondents Dinner (a party celebrating the symbiotic relationship between our press and our elected leaders aka Nerd Prom) and the bombshell that Osama bin Laden was shot and killed, it’s been a pretty crazy couple of days.

Saturday night Obama was at the White House Correspondents dinner, a night to celebrate our leaders and the people who are supposed to be uncovering their secrets. Previous dinners included Colbert roasting Bush, Bush making jokes about not finding any WMDs (HARDY HAR HAR) and the host of Meet the Press rapping and dancing with scumbag Karl Rove. Hooray for our adversarial press!

At first, this particular correspondents dinner was notable for Seth Meyers (a commedian who works for NBC, which is owned by GE… a company that sells military weapons to our government...and also happens to pay very little in taxes…) ripping into Donald Trump (a man who spent the month braying about Obama’s birth certificate to anyone with microphone).

Trump, a reality TV star (also on NBC!) and a deeply unserious man that was proud to have a been a part of making the this nation’s first non-white president prove he’s a citizen of his own country, surprisingly didn’t care for the digs at him.

But post-Bin Laden, the big news from Nerd Prom was the fact that Obama knew the whereabouts of Bin Laden while Meyers was making jokes about no one knowing the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden.

The whole thing is fairly surreal.

As weird as it sounds, I’m having a difficult time processing the Bin Laden stuff.  This should be fairly easy, no? A world without Osama > world with Osama. Full stop. Fin.

But it’s a bit more than that, no?

I’ve just been soaking in information these past 24 hours. More than a few Facebook friends have changed their avatars to American flags (not cricitizing, just noting). I’ve seen many celebratory “we got that fucker!” status updates (and more than one has a “but it’s too bad Obama will get credit” or “yay Obama” added on), and “hey, doesn’t Bin Laden’s personal life remind you of LeBron???” and “did you hear he used his wife as a human shield??” (forgive me for questioning those detials) and LOL look at all these Obama Memes! and USA USA USA USA!!  And I was very surprised that I was genuinely surprised that this was such a big deal and there were impromtu celebrations in DC. (if that makes any sense).

(News in the Facebook and Twitter era absolutely fascinates me. I find out about most events on Facebook or Twitter first).

I mean, I get it. America killed the man responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Justice was served (just not via our legal system) and revenge and payback. And if pictures like this don’t tug at your heart, I dunno what to tell you:

I guess I’m just having trouble with what comes next…

Wasn’t Bin Laden’s whole plan to bankrupt the US by getting us mired in was in long wars in the Middle East? So… how’s that going? Depending on who’s counting, we’re in the middle of three wars in the Mid-East, two of which were started ostensibly because of the threat or attacks of one Osama Bin Laden. And what kills me is, Bin Laden wasn’t even found in any of the countries where we’re fighting! Of course he was found in Pakistan, of course.

So Bin Laden is dead and we’re still in the Middle-East for the foreseeable future (and say what you will about Bush, but Obama has doubled-down on Afghanistan and left troops in Iraq. Not to mention Libya).

I guess my point is: what changes? Will we still be using predator drones in Muslim countries? Can we leave Afghanistan now or do we need to keep spending billions chasing a group with less people than my high school marching band?

I don’t know what the answer is (and I don’t want to come off as scolding folks for cheering or celebrating the death of a mass murderer. I mean, fuck that guy).

Just… what changes? Just what’s the practical next step now that he’s dead? Does policy change? Are we just going to argue who gets credit? Crack jokes about long form death certificates and move on to the next thing? (I don’t want to even get started on theories why Obama released his birth certificate this week OF ALL WEEKS or why Bin Laden’s body was buried at sea (you always want to see the body)). Can we withdraw troops now? And hey, a mass murderer is dead and “my team” did it so maybe this will help Obama get reelected. Are we just going to keep doing what we’re doing, inefficiently building our society around a non-renewable resource, continuing the cycle of arming dictators, only to arm the rebels later on? What’s the takaway from all this? Did we learn a lesson?

Is anyone still reading these ramblings?

I dunno, like I said, with Trump, the birth certificate, the Royal Wedding and Bin Laden death, it’s been a very bizarre couple of days. (Did you know Osama’s neighbor live-tweeted the entire raid, because OF COURSE).  There’s a lot out there and I’m just trying to process it all.

I mean, hell, the fucking Cleveland Indians are in first place.

Things be weird.

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