Me, this morning:

So just FYI, the Cavs have a >75% chance of not landing the number 1 overall pick. That’s the likely outcome of tonight.

I love being wrong:

The Cavaliers won the NBA lottery for the second time in their history on Tuesday night and also collected the No. 4 pick as well.


The lottery rewarded the pick originally belonging to the Los Angeles Clippers. The Cavs obtained that pick, along with Baron Davis, by sending Mo Williams and Jamario Moon to the Clippers at the trading deadline.

Thank you, Mo Williams and Jamario Moon.

Frankly, I’m stunned. I was preparing myself for 4 and 8 or 3 and 8, something along those lines. Two “lottery picks” but nothing to get really excited about (dunno if you’ve heard, but this is supposedly a weak draft).

But number 1 and number 4? That is something completely different.

Conventional wisdom points to Duke’s Kyrie Irving. He seems to be the consensus number 1. I’m OK with this (though not a little concerned about Irving missing the bulk of his college season). But Byron Scott’s offense has been run by Jason Kidd, Baron Davis and Chris Paul; it makes sense to give Irving the keys to Scott’s offense.

It’s that fourth pick that makes this thing really interesting.

I figured the Cavaliers’ second pick would be in the 8-11 range and landing the fourth pick really gives them options.

My quick take is that they should grab 18-year old Turkish center Enes Kanter. But they don’t have to keep it. They could attach it to the trade exception (maybe land someone like Iggy?) or they could package it and try to move up (take Derrek Williams?) or any number of things.

Having both 1 and 4 gives the Cavs a ton of options.  Terry Pluto:

The Cavs have four selection overall next month, the first, fourth, 32nd and 54th. There are of lot of trade possibilities. They have a trade exception worth $14 million in salary cap room. And they have a rich, motivated owner who will spend and take risks to win.

It is certainly a nice place to be for Cavs fans.

Number 1 and Number 4.


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