Did NOT see that coming

The Los Angeles Lakers have hired Coach Mike:

Mike Brown is the new coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Brown and the Lakers agreed in principle Wednesday to a four-year, $18.25 million deal, according to league sources.

The Lakers will announce Brown as the 22nd coach in franchise history Wednesday afternoon. Brown, who is currently in Cleveland, will sign the contract later this week.

Just a few quick thoughts:

– A Finals appearance, Coach of the Year award and two 60 win teams. You can’t say the dude isn’t qualified.

– Coach Mike will certainly bring the defense, something the Lakers lacked last season.

– As for offense, who knows? Brown’s offense left a lot to be desired in Cleveland, but he never had a deep or as talented a team like he will in LA.

– In case you cared, LeBron endorsed the hiring. No word yet what LeBron thinks of the Tribe’s hot start or the Browns draft day trades.

– Kobe Bryant, on the other hand: no comment.

– I bet Mike Brown comes off great in job interviews. He always dresses sharp and plans ahead.

– No one ever said Brown wasn’t prepared for opposing teams, it was his in-game adjustments that drove me bonkers. Insisting on playing Shaq (and feeding him the ball) in the Boston series was just as big as a reason they lost as LeBron’s lack of effort.

– I can’t imagine Shannon Brown is happy.

– I would’ve been a better fit for the Knicks. They don’t play defense and have two great one-on-one players. Get them to D up. Plus he knows what LeBron can and can’t do – his likes and dislikes- and that could come in handy a few times a year.

– Yahoo’s Kelly Dwyer says it could work:

Kobe’s had, frankly, a bit of a dull sort in Del Harris. He’s had an ex-player who was in over his head in Kurt Rambis, an ex-player who was in everyone’s heads in Phil Jackson, an ex-player whose heart just wasn’t in it in Rudy Tomjanovich, and a career assistant who knew that he wasn’t long for the job in Frank Hamblen.

But he’s never had a dork, before. This isn’t to say that the fine men listed above didn’t spend hours burrowing through game tape, but Brown is a younger guy that appreciates a good bit of Synergy in the same way that Phil Jackson appreciated “synergy situations.” There is a relationship to be had, here.

Does Brown’s hiring shove the triangle offense out of the picture, while rending someone like Derek Fisher useless? Well, Fish was pretty useless this year as it was, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Nobody has abused the triangle more than Kobe, and his work in shattering its precepts this season and parts of last was akin to an art crime in my eyes.

But no NBA player, perhaps in history save for Scottie Pippen, understands the triangle better. And all Kobe did in 2004-05, with Phil Jackson gone, was lament its loss. And that’s with Chris Mihm in the pivot. Not Andrew Bynum or Pau Gasol.

So why can’t Kobe, the player-coach if we ever saw one, run things offensively?

– I’d be kinda shocked if Brown coached through his entire contract. Pleased. But suprised. LA doesn’t seem like his place. But what do I know?

– I wonder what Dwight Howard thinks of this hiring?

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1 Response to Did NOT see that coming

  1. Dylan says:

    Word here in Orlando is that Dwight Howard is never getting traded. Seems our management team is certain that either A) the new CBA will make it MUCH harder for free agent movement or B) Howard will resign on his own. No matter what, if LA doesn’t trade for Howard, there is no way they’re getting him, they’re just too far over the the salary cap. Boston on the other hand will be free of all their huge contracts, a great tradition of winning and a great coach… eep!

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