The Canton Cavaliers?

Not quite, but the Cavs are bringing a D-League team to Canton:

As the NBA lockout enters its second week, the Cavaliers are keeping themselves busy with their new, as yet unnamed NBA Development League team that will play in the Memorial Civic Center here.

The team acquired the former New Mexico Thunderbirds franchise, which folded, and moved it here, about 45 minutes south of the Cavs’ practice facility in Independence.

This could be interesting. The Cavs have a bunch of young guys that could benefit from D-League minutes (Alonzo Gee, Manny Harris, Luke Harongody, Christian Eyenga, etc) and having a Cavaliers-run team in Canton might make the roster movement a bit more fluid. It’s one thing to send a guy down to the D-League, it’s another thing when you can send him to a team just 40 minutes away staffed with YOUR coaches teaching YOUR philosophy.

In other news, it was a year ago today that LeBron made The Decision. If you’re a Cleveland fan reading this (and if you aren’t, why are you here?), do yourself a favor and don’t turn on ESPN today (I highly recommend this WFNY post). You’ll save yourself a lot of angst and frustration.

(Note: I’m not saying that ESPN shouldn’t be doing anything for it. The Decision was a huge deal. It set the tone for the entire NBA season last year…. which just happened to be one of the best seasons ever. I still think he should’ve stayed and that bringing one of his buddies to the Cavs makes them a better team than the bare bones Miami squad and you can go on and on. But if you can’t see how The Decision galvanized the entire NBA last year, you’re kidding yourself).

So instead watching ESPN, do something that won’t piss you off. Read about monkeys stealing some dude’s camera and taking self portraits or watch this amazing lipsnycing video and try not to smile just a little.

Or you can watch this 600 times. Goosebumps.

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